Artist Statement

I am a movement artist who strives to use my body as a tool for social change and personal transformation. My movement style provides alternative ways to be human by engaging athletic contortion, humor, and contemporary improvisational methods to create images of connectivity, discovery, and dysphoria within the body. I explore what it means to be “the other” by battling my own body, curiously investigating the world around me, and transforming body into object and object into body. How does the traumatized body move through this world, navigating dissociation and still seeking the humanity in oneself and all around? How can the body and the outside environment produce both dynamism and gentleness as tools to move through feelings of imprisonment? My work deals with themes of queerness, living in a poison world, and apocalyptic alternatives. I believe bodies can hold the information that our brains and hearts cannot yet process and that through physical engagement we can release this wisdom into our world.

lightlab 5.jpg

original work

performances with lightlab performance series, performance arts festival, and more

apart from me.jpg

work with H. Gene Thompson

collaboration with New Hazlett CSA “Apart From Me” and recently toured project “Force Fields”

memory5 2.jpg

work with slowdanger

“memory 5” at wood st gallery; “VLX”at 937 gallery; and current project “empathy machine”