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“Apart From Me”

I first collaborated with fabric sculpture artist and performer H. Gene Thompson for their and Arvid Tomayko’s New Hazlett CSA project entitled “Apart From Me.” We had a long collaboration involving another artist, Anna Azzizy, and together crafted a full-length performance involving movement, fabric sculpture, and interactive sound elements. These elements all contributed to a piece dealing with themes of human isolation, fruitless competition, and salvation through connection. Performed at Pittsburgh’s New Hazlett Theater, February 2018.

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“Force Fields”

“Force Fields” premiered January 26, 2019 at 937 Gallery.

A bit more about the piece: “Force Fields” is a collaborative dance performance created and produced by artist Ru Emmons and H. Gene Thompson. The duo uses movement and wearable sculptures to perform transformations and protection routines seeking ways to unstick themselves from capitalism in a physical and energetic way. Using imagery of portals and transformations, they explore the human experience of capitalism and work through a narrative where there is a reclamation of personal power through energetic protection.

“Force Fields” toured the country in February/March 2019.