Original Work

I have crafted and performed original works at various venues around Pittsburgh since 2016, including at Space Gallery downtown, at the Glitterbox Theater in Polish Hill, and at the Performance Art Fest hosted at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Below I highlight a few of these performances:



An exploration of what it means to discover the “other” and transform oneself through human connection. Performed at Lightlab performance series, March 2016, with Connor Hestdalen.


Performance Art Fest

Two performers work within the landscape of emotional intimacy through movement, manipulation of objects, and sound/breath experimentation. They experience mood shifts in real time throughout the performance and expose the ridiculous nature of “keeping it all together.” Performed at PAF, August 2017, with Roberta Guido.


The Age of Nuance

I am continually experimenting in short solo works with concepts of queer and trans identities, transcending the systems we exist within, and exporting the mundane as tools of liberation. I perform specifically with a stationary bicycle in venues ranging from black box theaters to comedy clubs to burlesque settings. Follow me on Instagram (ru.e) for updates on upcoming performances! Next up is a collaboration with Corrine Jasmine at the Alloy Studios through their Freshworks residency program. Our showing is December 6th at 8pm.