Work with slowdanger

I have been dancing with Anna Thompson and Taylor Knight of dance/music duo slowdanger since we met at through a class at the Space Upstairs in the summer of 2014. I have taken class from them, appeared in several of their music videos, and been a cast member in their performances “memory 5,” “VLX” and “empathy machine.”

memory5 4.jpg

memory 5

The trio performs a an experience of “flashbulb memory” as a part of slowdanger’s memory series. Performed at Wood St Gallery in December 2016.

vlx 1.png


A work presented by slowdanger in collaboration with dancers Ru Emmons, Roberta Guido, and Simon Phillips, and lighting artist Neil Henke. Together the performers navigate through a dystopian world of overdeveloped technology and underdeveloped human connection. Performed at 937 Gallery in October 2018.

memory5 1.jpg

empathy machine

A full-length performance created by slowdanger in collaboration with the same cast as VLX. Further development of the ideas above with a deeper dive into choreography by slowdanger exploring the concept of empathy. Premiered at Kelly Strayhorn Theater in August 2019, currently touring to New York and D.C.